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Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.

Thomas Merton

Eco Printing in the driveway

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A bit of alchemy is happening ...

Eco-printing is a contact printing process that involves combining botanical materials layered on paper and/or a natural fabric, and bundled or wound around copper rods or wood sticks and steamed or immersed in hot water to extract the pigments and produce a print made with the plant dyes.  At different seasons of the year, different pigments may concentrate in various plant parts so great color variability is possible and desirable. Garden plants, vegetables and fruits may be used, fresh and/or dried. Eco printing is a time-intensive art form. One must approach it with an open mind and experimental attitude. A leaf here, a bit of metal there, some felt, paper, a dye bath made of weeds, nuts and a splash of vinegar, plenty of time, sprinkle of magic, et voilà, something beautiful and unexpected emerges. Results can be unpredictable as there are so many variables at work in this kind of alchemy. Rather addictive!